Terms of Service

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The user must ensure the safety of their own login and password, and bear all risks associated with the transfer of login and password to third parties. Game values that were lost through the fault of the player can not be recovered. Questions and complaints concerning the Laws of the Game as a whole, as well as the severity of punishment and justice, you should contact the Administrator in the forum via Support Ticket. Sanctions for offenders can be temporary ban, account data rollback, or even permanent account deletion. The punishment will be adjusted to severity of the case.

Game Rules

Communication (in any form) In general chat or IRC Channels, you are prohibited to use insults, slander, brutality, provocation, threat to life, health, blackmail, profanity (including veiled form). You are prohibited to spread propaganda of violence, cruelty, suicide, drugs, discrimination on any grounds (political, religious, national, racial, etc.), And any other actions that may adversely affect the human psyche or violate the International Law. You are prohibited to spread in public discussion about actions of Administration of the server, spreading false information about the server and Administration server as a whole, as well as the messages in any way denigrating the Administration server and the server as a whole. If you are faced with a violation of one of the listed items, do not enter into a discussion with the offender and do not respond to his communications. Instead, write a complaint via Support Ticket, attaching a screenshot confirming the violation. Paragraph does not apply to personal messages, posts in party chat or guild chat. You can block private messages using this command: "/ex " (This command will block incoming private message from nickname "Name" in-game).

Using Game Errors (Bugs, Exploits), Automation of Gameplay

It is forbidden to use any errors (bugs, exploits, backdoors, etc) in the game. It is forbidden to post information about the programs that automate gameplay or otherwise allow to obtain an unfair advantages, interfering with the game mechanics (bots, macros, item duplicators, and so on). As well as any client modifications, except those that have been allowed by the Administration. It is forbidden to receive and / or storage of illegal duplicated items, fraud (obtaining goods by fraud game, etc), as well as the receipt and / or storage of items. It is prohibited to do unauthorized access to someone else's game account. It is prohibited to share access of your game account to someone else. We will not be responsible of any results that may happen.

Third Party Program / Client Modification

No client modification or third party program usage is allowed except for programs that controls Homonculus / Mercenaries AIs with the following conditions: - No kill stealing. - No auto-feeding. - No auto-resurrection / recall. - No auto-healing through Aid Potion skill or any other mean. Proof required: Screenshot(s) / Video Sanction: 1 Month to Permanent

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